New Year’s resolutions

Reading Time: 2 minutes Students feel that resolutions should be made all year, not just while starting a new year.

Reading Time: 2 minutes
We have just finished the holiday season, but there is one tradition that directly follows: new-year’s resolutions. People make all sorts of resolutions, and UVU students are not an exception. Student Max Romero has set goals for this new-year.

“This year I decided to eat healthier, exercise more and just try to have better physical well-being,” Romero said. “You know, do good in school, quit the gang life.”

by Hannah Shaw_web

Romero’s good friend James Bridge also likes to make resolutions and believes making goals is a great way to re-evaluate. However, there are many students such as Jordan Wittwer, who feel that new-year’s resolutions are difficult to keep.

“They are useful for people who actually keep them, but sometimes I think they’re just a kind of tradition people keep for the first two weeks and then forget about,” Wittwer said.

Although Wittwer is skeptical of resolutions, he has made a goal to keep to his schedule and not procrastinate. Other students have decided that making goals all year long is better than just at the beginning of a year.

“I don’t do new-year’s resolutions because nobody keeps them. I do more like monthly goals, so it’s shorter and easier to obtain,” said student Shandi Schoenevan. “I am starting off with January to the end of the semester; I’m going to try no pop.”

Parker Sorensen is another student who agrees with Schoenevan.

“It is great to have goals, but you shouldn’t need an excuse to be able to make and set goals,” Sorensen said.

Chad Parneter also feels this way but has made a goal to prepare to serve a full-time Latter Day Saint mission after spring semester by living a missionary lifestyle.

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