Eastern Egg Hunt

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Easter has sprung in an unusual place.


Load up the kids, bring an appetite for food and games because Provo’s United Studios of Self Defense is going to provide a big kick of excitement.


Easter Sunday is going to be busy, and Saturdays are so rushed already. Nothing is free anymore. But free food, free games and free prizes at the United Studios of Self Defense will make planning this weekend easier than ever, especially since activities start at 9 a.m. and last until 5 p.m. on Saturday.


Easter is all about eggs. Bunnies and eggs. Candy and eggs. Eggs eggs eggs. In celebration of egg season, there will be an egg toss, egg walk, egg race and egg hunt. The Easter Bunny, as well as Po and Master Shivu from “Kung Fu Panda,” will be on hand for all of the excitement. Pictures, hotdogs and activities will be continuously available throughout the day, so show up whenever with whomever you’d like to enjoy in the festivities.


United Studios held the same event last year and over 1,000 people attended. There is a small park for egg hunting, large open rooms for games and pictures and enough refreshments to prevent that dreaded discussion of where to eat next.


Charitable community events without major advertising and sponsorship are becoming more rare. United Studios has served the Provo area for over 31 years. Nathan Boyd, studio director, is proud to offer his time for the people in the Valley.


“Anything I can do for the community,” Boyd said, “I’m more than willing to do.”


There are events and occasions worth skipping and forgetting. This is not one of them. Kids and adults that never grew up are sure to have a day well spent in a little known location right in the heart of Provo. The Valley has much to offer, and this is a perfect example of the small town atmosphere that will last for more than just the weekend.


United Studios Easter Event

April 7 

9a.m. to 5p.m.

78 W. Center St.


(801) 373-4844


By Collin Lawrence
Photography Collin Lawrence

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