Prominent religious leader to speak on campus

President Dieter F. Ucthdorf of the presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will speak at UVU’s McKay Events Center Oct. 28 at 11 a.m. He will address students as well as all who are interested. His topic will be “Success in Globalizing the World.

Should gays be allowed to marry?

To a packed crowd of students, faculty and local residents, Eric Porter, president of UVU’s Gay-Straight Alliance, tearfully stressed his point. “To say that a homosexual couple can’t raise a child, or that one that is single cannot raise a loving family is completely false.

Presidential Material

This should be a new tradition in political elections. Forget debates, speeches and rallies; what really matters is whose life makes the better comic book. If you are on the fence or feel like you need that connection with one of the two major candidates in order to cast your ballot, then take a look at IDW Publishing’s Presidential Material comic books.

The Clothesline Project breaks the silence

The sound of a gong, then silence, a whistle blows, and more silence, a loud ringing of a bell, more silence. Each of these sounds is an auditory reminder of the violence that occurs daily in our community. The gong, played every 10 to 12 seconds, indicated that a woman in the United States had just been assaulted.

With the presidential race in full swing, it seems like every other commercial is either one candidate criticizing the other for faults in their plans, inconsistencies in policy, or even questioning each other’s motives. Propaganda is heavy on both sides through e-mail, posters, rallies, and even goes on during official debates between the candidates themselves to the extent that it’s impossible to take anything said at face value.

Generation Text

Now more than ever, teachers are feeling pressure nationwide to emphasize basic literacy skills to counteract the stunting effects of growing up in what can only be described as Generation Text, which have taken a firm hold on formal academic writing skills by the time students have reached middle-school age.

Election Lessons

With the election just around the corner, we should look at some lessons Hollywood has taught us before we cast our ballots. Election – Tracy Flick (Reese Witherspoon) is an overachieving high school student who is running unopposed for Student Body President.

Blood battle between schools

In an effort to stimulate blood donation among Utah college students, in addition to meet record-high demand, the American Red Cross has teamed up with UVU volunteers and pitted them against the similarly equipped Weber State in an epic “Blood Battle” between the state’s two newest universities to see which will donate more blood.

News briefs

Campus Briefs: UVU instructor wins award – Linda P. Walton, advisor of the UVU student public relations firm and president of The Walton Group, Inc., a public relations firm in Provo, received the Provo-Orem Chamber of Commerce Women’s Business Network (WBA) Athena Award, a national award for women leaders.

Halloween: A Brief History

Last Friday, Oct. 14, marked the passing of the Hunter’s Moon, the first full moon after the Harvest Moon, which, according to pre-Christian Celtic folklore, marks the end of summer. Basic necessities being a year-round given to most modern Westerners, observers of Halloween — which was once the end-of-summer harvest festival — now seek to harvest a bumper crop of candy.