National briefs

HEALTH INSURANCE CONCERNS — According to a survey released by Reuters on Thursday, more than eighty percent of Americans think the U.S. health system needs either fundamental change or a complete overhaul. The Harris Interactive poll found that access to care, better coordination between different health providers and better flow of health information were among respondents’ chief complaints. Another poll found that health insurance costs have doubled for Americans since 1996.

Local retail stores to carry UVU apparel

Everywhere you look in Orem, you can see evidence that BYU is no longer the only popular university in the valley: Green and gold UV flags hang from local businesses to show their support for the Wolverines, the UV logo has been painted on major intersections in Orem, and a burgeoning number of alumni, students and community members sport UVU gear.

World news briefs

Ancient cultural artifacts in surrounding areas of the Angkor Wat temple site in north central Cambodia are being stolen. The demand for artifacts has risen dramatically over the last few years as technological advances in the study of ancient civilizations have grown. Cambodia’s culture and fine arts ministry has made the protection of the Angkor Wat artifacts a major priority. Digging has been a main source of finding valuable artifacts while less valuable, monetarily speaking, bowls and vases are being tossed aside as looters find expensive things to take away. In villages approximately 40 miles away from the temple, desolation of protectors has left the area a prime digging spot for thieves.


What better way for students and the community to usher in the new university than with a huge celebration party? That’s just what UVU did on June 30, when 15,000 people attended the UVUphoria celebration. The day started out with a grand opening of the new Digital Learning Center, where people explored the new 5-level library, watched dance and karate performances, listened to the Losee band, and soaked in the atmosphere of being a university.

Yellowstone country

This fall, students have the opportunity to take a class based off the history of Yellowstone National Park. Even though the name of the class is “the Yellowstone country,” according to David Wilson, the instructor, it will include most of eastern Wyoming and eastern Montana.