Exiled to the indoors

Winter comes bearing gifts of relaxation, snow-capped mountains, and a break from the school load. But, it also brings the type of chilling weather that exiles one to the indoors. These are days in which sleet defaces the slopes at the resort, when the roads become crystallized with ice — and it is realized that the closet is sans suitable warm clothing.

Seeing the structure

The College of Technology and Computing and the Department of Construction Technology presented their proposal to create a new Bachelor of Arts program to the Board of Trustees on Nov. 13. The creation of a new BA degree in Construction Management has been a focus for the last two years as Utah Valley University has seen a gradual decline in its enrollment rates for trade-based curriculum.

Get your ugly on

The holiday season is upon us, but don’t get too cozy. The holidays are filled with not-so-fond memories of unsightly holiday sweaters, family-portrait Christmas card sessions, and the nag, “You’ll shoot your eye out!” As college students, it is our duty to take the lemons of the season and make lemonade.

New UTA electronic fare system starts in January

As the new year rolls around, so will the Utah Transit Authority’s (UTA) new electronic fare collection system (EFC). Starting Jan. 1, bus riders will be required to tap their card against an electronic reader when boarding and tap off when exiting a bus or train platform.

How to trim your tree while trimming your waistline

Thanksgiving or Christmas day meal, the average American eats an alleged 8,000 calories. That is about four times more calories than what the average person needs. With all of the candy and large quantities of food, it is no wonder that come New Year’s a popular resolution is to lose weight.

How to get into the Holiday spirit

This holiday is meant to be a time of peace, love and goodwill to all. It is a time to give back, to spend time with loved ones. However, in more recent years, things seem to have made a turn for the worst. Stress is the word of the season — it is what most people are feeling this time of year.

Season of scarves

Scarves are the easiest way to accessorize. Take a long strip of fabric of any kind, wrap it around your neck in any of various ways, and you’ve pulled together your outfit. One of the best things about scarves is that with basic skills and a bit of patience, you can most likely make a scarf that will fit your needs exactly.

Wolverines celebrate homecoming week

Last week, the UVU community celebrated its first homecoming as a university. Some of the festivities included a T-shirt swap, a dodge ball tournament, a polar bear swim, the True Wolverine Bonfire and the main event: the UVU men’s basketball team playing the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Being green: one of UVU’s top priorities

Utah Valley University’s school color is green, which is appropriate when looking at the school’s continued efforts in being an energy-efficient campus. So far, UVU has saved approximately $1.2 million in the past three years due to consolidation efforts and improving power utilization.

New shuttle serving students

For $41 each way, Go Green Shuttle, a new shuttle service, takes UVU students to Dixie Campus. Not only does it allow students to leave their cars at home, but the use of compressed natural gas makes this source of transportation better for the environment.