Staff infection: What has been your favorite Halloween costume ever?

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What has been your favorite Halloween costume ever?

I am looking forward to dressing up like Bob Dylan circa Highway 61 Revisited this year.  I just need someone to curl my hair and hand me a guitar. – Meghan Wiemer, features editor

Zombie Reagan. Never again; it’s very difficult to smoke through a mask slit. – Rob Steffen, video correspondent

Last year I was 1984 David Bowie from the movie Labyrinth, complete with gray tights, knee high leather boots and mystical eye make up. – Jordy Kirkman, multimedia editor

My favorite costume was when my friends and I all dressed up as different Conan O’Brien characters, highlighted by the Coked-Out Werewolf, the Masturbating Bear and I was dressed as Preparation H Raymond. – Kyle Jellings, managing editor

This year my 2-year-old son is going to be Roy Orbison. Though the costume has yet to be completed, it can safely be assumed that the results will tend toward heroic. – Bill McCrery, designer

A few years ago I dressed up as Tinkerbell.  I had the wand and everything.  It was rad. – Amie Wells, events editor

One year my friends and I dressed up as an intersection and I was the stoplight. It was pretty exciting, apart from being an immobile light fixture. – Jessica Burnham, campus editor

I was Mickey Mouse once when I was really young. That was pretty cool. – Meggie Woodfield, news editor

A mummy, although I quickly learned that it is difficult to eat, dance and climb ropes when you’re all bandaged up. – Lindsey Linge, culture editor

Charlie Brown sheet ghost. That one and Dave Iba. – Trent Bates, photo editor

The dead clown knocking at your bedroom window on Halloween night. – Loran Cook, copy editor

You WOULD like to know what I’m going to be this year, wouldn’t you, you little sneak! – Emma Hunt, copy chief