Woodbury Art Museum ‘Art of the Century’

Different works of art are on display at the Woodbury Art Museum

Walking through the doors of the Woodbury Art Museum, artwork can be seen from the latest show, “Art of the Century.” Located at the University Mall in Orem, the show includes artists from all over the western United States with about half from Utah, many of whom came to the show. It also serves as a competition, with juror Erin Linder, Director of the Kimball Art Museum in Park City, with a purchase award to the winner.

The Woodbury Art Museum features artwork received through submissions. Openings for applications are available every three months. Taylor Wright, a young man from American Fork, heard about the art show online and thought he would give it a shot. He entered a drawing entitled “R.I.O.T.” Natalie Raevsky, who graduated from BYU last year, heard about the show and entered one of her paintings. She said she has been entering her artwork in many shows and thought this one was a good one. She came to UVU’s BFA show this past spring and thought UVU had some incredible and talented artists.

The show also included a UVU faculty showing of artwork from many professors. Marcus Vincent, a painting and drawing teacher, originally from New York City, had some of his work exhibited in the faculty showing. One in particular called, “A Girl in Dream Sounds” was a colorful, whimsical, and dreamy painting of a young woman with a look of serenity in what you would imagine a dreamscape to feel like.  Vincent said he thought it was really neat that this show included so many artists outside of Utah. He feels that the museum is doing really well and becoming more known.

The winner of the competition was a unique piece called “Stand-Up Surfing All the Way from Hawaii” by Kathleen Kastles. It was a quilt of a Hawaiian man “surfing” on his handy little iPhone. Linder chose the piece because it was ironic and funny with an interesting and out-of-the-ordinary play on quilt art.

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