UVU’s first hip-hop dance company

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Walking down the hall in the PE building, you pass that dance room that everyone has at least paused to stare at–if not for just a few extra seconds–to see who might be practicing in there, from ballerinas to ballroom dancers. Whether you are a dancer or not, we all love to see dancers right?

If you happen to be passing by that well-known strip in the PE building on a Tuesday or Thursday night between 8-10pm, you will see UVU’s very own Hip Hop Dance Company practicing, and it would be worth a peek to see what kind of moves they’ve got going on.

As I was taking a peek myself of some of the first-comers to practice, I saw what a lively bunch they all were with moves that were causing that inner dancer in me—which everyone has whether they want to admit it or not—to want to join in on all the fun with no hold backs! That is kind of what the vibe for Hip Hop dancing is. It’s a welcome to anybody who wants to break a move.


We’ve got UVU’s first hip-hop dance company, and its Utah’s first ever in the college level.  Ashley Kimsey, director of the hip-hop dance company, said that if it wasn’t for Kyle Reyes, an assistant to President Holland, there wouldn’t be a new dance company.

The dance company has a theme; a title which some members of the group came up with this year. They called themselves “Mosaic.” Standing for “Mos(t) Artistic Inspired Creators.” Dancer, P.J. Guiterrez stated that “Our mission is to unify individual and unique “tiles” into collaborated “artwork” that is unceasingly ambitious to be the most artistic inspired creators.” …Meaning that each of us is our own “tile” and all of us have our own unique style/individual prowess. But as a whole, we aim to work together to create a unified group that is always eager and hungry to learn, never stopping until we become the most artistic inspired creators or the Mosaic

This year there were 70 guys and girls who auditioned for the company and 29 who made it, so there is a little competition. However, you don’t have to be a dance major to get in. In fact, only 5 people in the company right now are actually dance majors. So if you really love hip hop dancing, but aren’t seeking a dance major, this is a place you want to find yourself.  You can even start out by joining the Hip-Hop club, and taking a class on Wednesday nights at 8pm in PE 152. That way when try-outs come around next year you will be ready.

Be excited for the end of year showcase which will be held March 27 & 28, 2014, which will display a lot of the members own choreography and unique style. This last year’s showcase was the first ever choreographers showcase in Utah hosting different crews, companies, spoken word artists, and beat boxers with over 600 in attendance. The next showcase is expected to be even bigger and better. You won’t want to miss it – entertainment from all over!

You can follow them on Facebook as “Mosaic Hip Hop Company” for videos and upcoming performances, as well as on YouTube as “The Mosaic.”