November 2, 2009

Reading Time: < 1 minute Students who have completed one semester of nursing fundamentals should consider developing their nursing skills in the western-Ukrainian city of Chernivtsi. “Students have the opportunity to experience healthcare in a developing country and the ability to compare and contrast it with current healthcare in the United States,” said Marianne Craven, co-director of the program. “They […]


November 2, 2009

Reading Time: < 1 minute When talking about Germany, many may look back to Nov. 9, 1989 when communism crumbed with the fall of the Berlin wall. However, in the 20 years since, the changes that have taken place are undeniable. Through the struggles of finding a new identity and breaking down mental walls, Berlin has undergone a significant transformation […]

A trip to the ‘Garden of Eden’

November 2, 2009

Reading Time: < 1 minute Follow your guide through the diverse flora and fauna of tropical rain forests on a natural history excursion through Costa Rica. Applicants accepted into the program will have the chance to study tropical biology or geology while actively exploring various ecological zones and the geology of an active volcanic arc. “Students who participate in our […]

Where does it come from?

October 27, 2009

Reading Time: 3 minutes Discovering the origins of modern fashion HEAD SCARVES Wearing a head scarf can mean many things to many people. Often worn as a fashion statement or for warmth they have had and still do have various meanings. For example; a red or scarlet headscarf was worn by women aligning themselves with Bolshevism in times of […]

Quick and easy fruits and veggies

October 26, 2009

Reading Time: < 1 minute For those of you that have always wanted more fruits and vegetables on campus, there is finally a place where you can get quick, healthy food. In the hallway between the PE and LA buildings, there is now a privately owned franchise of Jamba Juice with healthy blended beverages, juices and snacks. Though the franchise […]

Save UVU Girl

October 5, 2009

Reading Time: 2 minutes International students strive to raise $350,000 before it is too late for Urangoo Baatarkhuyag who was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia Sept. 5. Moving to Utah when she was just eighteen from Mongolia, Baatarkhuyag graduated from UVU last year in engineering/drafting with honors. She was friends with most of the international students and went out […]

Hip hop is not dead

September 28, 2009

Reading Time: < 1 minute On Sept. 15, the Hip Hop Club, having recently merged with the Break Dancing Club, had its first meeting. Held in one of the dance rooms in the PE building, members got together to talk about their favorite subject, hip hop. “Hip hop is not dead,” said Jay Arcansalin, president and founder of the club. […]

Students not allowed to play instruments on campus

September 28, 2009

Reading Time: < 1 minute On Sept. 17, two students were asked by police to remove themselves from the commons area outside the new library after an anonymous complaint was filed against the music they were playing. With a keyboard, electric guitar and amp, the students began playing at around 12:45 p.m. and were first confronted at around 1:30 p.m […]

First annual “Bowl-a-Thon”

September 28, 2009

Reading Time: < 1 minute On Sept. 18, students and professors joined together for a day of bowl making to support Provo’s Food and Care Coalition. Though ceramics professors Mark Talbert and Brian Jensen have been submitting privately for several years, this is the first time the school has supported the coalition’s “Bowls for Humanity” fundraiser. The day of bowl […]

Why I love Myspace

September 21, 2009

Reading Time: 2 minutes While I long ago made the switch to a more appropriate social network, I have never deleted the Myspace page which has stuck with me from junior high. While Facebook is full of old elementary school playmates, myspace is full of best friends’ high school band pages, long since abandoned. Last login: 9/14/2005. Where else […]