Why I love Myspace

Reading Time: 2 minutes

While I long ago made the switch to a more appropriate social network, I have never deleted the Myspace page which has stuck with me from junior high. While Facebook is full of old elementary school playmates, myspace is full of best friends’ high school band pages, long since abandoned. Last login: 9/14/2005.

Where else can you change your name to something like xXsmoochesXx, ForBiddeN, +@B0N3Z@+, ?§HL?Y KR?NTZ or  Jeffree Star and get away with it? The open page editor allows for aspiring web designers to play around with backgrounds, fonts and font colors. You even get to choose your own domain name! Myspace.com/ilovejohnnydepp, myspace.com/pikachu4ever or myspace.com/HALO3RULES. Forever labeling yourself; kind of like that lord of the rings email you made up in sixth grade.

Besides, with the influx or parents, aunts, uncles and even grand parents on facebook where else can you post scandalous photos of yourself? Fourteen year-olds learn how to lie about their ages and talk to strangers in a safe, fun environment.
Remember that when Facebook first started it was specifically designed for college students and you needed a college email address to sign up. By now the policy has been changed, but come on, doesn’t that seem like some kind of prejudice?

Myspace, on the other hand, is run by a friendly man named Tom who accepts anyone and will even send mass messages telling you when the site will be down and why. If you want to be part of a site that is friendly to all age groups, colors and types of people, Myspace is for you. If you want friend requests daily, Myspace is for you. Myspace “whores” will post bulletins  telling people to add you because you are cute, nice and will talk to anyone, expecting the favor in return. If you want to be able to listen to music on the pages of your favorite bands and look at sweet pictures from their shows, Myspace is for you. If you are a raver a rocker or even if the hospital blue and white of facebook bugs you, Myspace is for you.