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When talking about Germany, many may look back to Nov. 9, 1989 when communism crumbed with the fall of the Berlin wall.

However, in the 20 years since, the changes that have taken place are undeniable. Through the struggles of finding a new identity and breaking down mental walls, Berlin has undergone a significant transformation and become the youngest of Europe’s metropolitan centers.

“Berlin is a wonderful, student-oriented, international city. It is rich in culture and history,” said Jeff Packer, Germany program director.  “Every week there are events for every taste and interest, whether your interests are in high culture, pop music festivals, food, or whatever.”

Students from the summer 2009 trip found that they savored the fabulous food and enjoyed the architecture. The summer 2010 trip should be especially interesting as Berlin celebrates 20 years since the reunification of East and West.

In addition to the activities in Berlin, students will also take side trips to Dresden, Potsdam, and possibly also Weimar.

Info Box:

Cost: $3,095

Tentative Dates: May 3 to May 29 2010

Anticipated Curriculum:

German 1010, German 2010, German 2700, German 380R, German 1020, German 2020, German 3030, Language 291R

Application deadline in order to save $300: Dec. 18, 2009