Students not allowed to play instruments on campus

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On Sept. 17, two students were asked by police to remove themselves from the commons area outside the new library after an anonymous complaint was filed against the music they were playing.

With a keyboard, electric guitar and amp, the students began playing at around 12:45 p.m. and were first confronted at around 1:30 p.m by a police officer responding to the complaint. A second officer arrived a few minutes later.

Police told students that performers on campus require a permit and that if they would like to practice they should go to the practice rooms in the GT building. After a short discussion with the police, the students obliged and removed their instruments from the area.

“It’s not like we are smokers giving people cancer,” said Dan Sabin, one of the performers. “We shouldn’t have to be segregated or placed in designated areas for ‘us artists.’”

Sabin went on to explain that there are hardly enough practice rooms for all of the upcoming music students and that he feels not allowing them to play on campus is a form of censorship.

Sabin also said that he would like to see more music and art by students filling what he sees as naked, blank walls all over campus.

“If you are going to learn anything you should apply it as soon as you can. I’m not against jumping through hoops but limiting free expression makes it no longer free,” Sabin said.

“This school could be set apart if we allowed freedom of expression.”