UVU expresses its support to the Latin community through Bachata Club

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UVU Bachata Club is a student organization at Utah Valley University where people from different backgrounds can learn about and enjoy Latin culture every week. Its principal goals are to unify the UVU community through dancing and help students learn various social Latin dance styles from around the world.

Bachata Club was created Jan. 2018 by president Margarita Aguilar, a UVU ballroom dance major from Mexico. Aguilar said  her inspiration for the club came from her experience as a professional ballroom and social dancer. She said the UVU community deserves a safe and fun place to spend their Saturday nights. Aguilar received support from students who love the Latino culture.

At the beginning, it was difficult for Aguilar and her group to set up the club. They didn’t have a DJ or a formal place for the weekly events at the school. In time, though, dance instructors and DJs from all around Utah  who shared their vision were able to help and support them.

“I was really worried the first day of the opening social, just three couples came, even with all the volunteer work we had. I felt disappointed,” Aguilar said.

Aguilar said Facebook, Instagram and Club Rush became great sources to advertise for the club.

“More and more people started to come to our club events, this made me happy, but we continue working and improving.”

During the Fall semester, UVU Bachata Club will meet every Saturday from 8 to 10 p.m.  In the first hour, guest instructors of Kizomba (Angola dance), casino salsa (Cuban dance) and bachata (Dominican dance) will teach basic steps.

“If people don’t know how to dance, they should not be worried, our instructors will be happy to teach,”  Aguilar said.

“I like to come to Bachata club, because it is a place where I can feel relaxed, and I can learn and exercise new dance techniques,” said Julio Lazarte, UVU ballroom dance junior.

UVU Bachata club has a dance team that will be performing in events at the school. They invite  all students, who want to learn new dance styles to be part of this team. Meetings are Wednesday and Friday from 7 to 9 p.m. at LC 305. Students must pay a club fee.

“I love to dance. I go to competitions, and I get the technical sides of the dances here, so I can improve myself as a dancer. Latin dances are really interesting. I enjoy the happiness of the people, this is fun,” said UVU dance freshman, Julie Fletcher.

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