Author: Maricel Evangelista

Dancing inspires success among young professionals

In today’s world, many students must work hard in order to study well, maintain a good GPA and receive scholarships. But there is one small group of students who have an extracurricular activity that makes them different. They are the people who can fly without wings; they are the professional dancers at UVU. Repertory Ballet Ensemble and Ballroom Dance Company are two of the dance companies on campus. They are known for their pulchritude and sophisticated coordination that every professional dancer must have. Even though they are graceful and good at their art, many dancers struggle with balancing work,...

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Keep calm and dance Bachata

UVU hosted one of the biggest Latin college parties in Utah called “Bachata Fest”. More than 2,000 people from different cultures and nationalities came to enjoy, dance, make new friends, compete and maybe even fall in love at the UCCU Center Friday, Sept.19. Bachata Fest is under the management of Katty Perez, assistant director of Multicultural Student Services and is club advisor of Unidos Saldremos Adelante (USALO). “The main purpose is to provide a space for the community in general. We validate and unify our Latin culture through dance. With the money raised through the sale of tickets, we...

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