UV Link and banner changes still in the works

Reading Time: 2 minutes

During UVSC’s fall break, which took place Oct. 11 and 12, important technological steps were made towards UVSC’s change to UVU, including updates to the UV Link Web site and the UVSC Banner system.

During the past semester’s registration periods, both in August and January 2007, the hardware for the UV Link and Banner systems were showing their age. The systems last major upgrades had been in 2002 and were proving inadequate to meet the needs of the growing student population.

"Replacing the old hardware was not a simple matter," Director of IT Services, Ray Walker said. "The new version of the software required not just an upgrade but a re-installation."

Since both the replacement of the hardware and moving the UVSC domain to the UVU domain needed this re-installation, it was decided to perform these major changes at a time when the systems, used campus wide, would cause the least problems.

"We chose fall break as the time to make the migration [hoping] there would be minimal Banner and UV Link usage due to students being away," stated Walker.

During the first week after the upgrade, there were complaints from students and faculty alike who were unable to access their email and some class lists. Some of these issues were due to syncing problems between the UV Link and the Banner systems, but the hardworking IT department has committed themselves to dealing with these issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Logging into the UV Link Web site, students are confronted with the words "Welcome to the new UV Link for UVSC soon to be UVU." Newer elements include upgraded navigation programs and minor text changes.

"It was hard to get used to at first," said Brianna Dummar, a communications student. "Some of the tabs and navigation tools changed, but I like the changes."

Some of the benefits of this change have already been seen, including newer, faster hardware, a much better email client and increased functionality.

Walker said that there are a lot of new system capabilities that haven’t been implemented yet. One of these is a new grading system to help students find and access their grades easier. These elements will gradually be implemented so as not to cause confusion.

The next major changes will take place from May to July of 2008, but if any students have any questions or need help with any problems that may arise, the IT department can be reached at (801) 863-8888 or [email protected].