University College takes a place in UVU’s best resources

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University College’s purpose is to be the student body’s connection to success, providing an entry point for students and to support them throughout their academic experience. Twelve academic departments and support units comprise the college, providing students with the tools and assistance they need to be successful.

The goal is to work closely with other colleges across campus to provide a foundation in study and life skills.

One of the services UC offers is free tutoring services in Math, English and many other courses. In 2011 to 2012, these tutoring labs served over 11,300 students, a third of the student body population. In 2012, the Writing Center worked jointly with the Orem City Library to open a free writing lab for students and the public. This lab offers coaching sessions, workshops and resources to help improve writing skills.

stock.The college’s focus is on the student experience and academic achievement and connects students to campus organizations and services. The Learning Strategies Support Services helps students develop self-awareness and provides resources for their learning challenges.

“University College is focused on helping students succeed,” said KD Taylor, dean of University College. “We support them throughout their academic experience with advising, tutoring labs, Student Success initiatives, student leadership and mentoring opportunities. We connect student to the resources that will help them accomplish their goals.”

The Academic Counseling Center helps students who are undecided about a major. The center also provides pre-professional counseling. The Academic Standards department assists students who are struggling academically in overcoming obstacles and discovering resources.

Student’s integration and involvement continues to develop in College Success Studies (CSS). CSS offers many skills and leadership courses. Their flagship course is College Success Studies. They serve over 1,700 students annually, and the faculty work closely with the UV Mentor Program, which consists of 40 peer mentor students. This program develops personal leadership opportunities to work one-on-one with students and faculty.

“The program is about student development,” said Dr. Darin Eckton, director of the UV Mentor program. “Both for the mentors and the students they serve.”

UV Mentors go through a preparation, selection and training process by successfully completing CLSS 1000, CLSS 2000 and applying to the program. Once accepted, they are assigned to work with faculty in CLSS 1000 for two semesters.

Dan Walker, a UV Mentor, said, “A UV Mentor is engaged, helpful, and dedicated. As a UV Mentor I help students get involved on campus.”

The UV Mentors and University College will be highlighted at the April 16 baseball game. Additionally, the UV Mentor program will be holding its first annual Student Leadership and Mentoring (SLAM) Conference, May 3. This conference will showcase students. The keynote speaker, organizers and presenters are all students. This is an opportunity for the students who participate to improve their qualifications for top graduate schools and employment opportunities. Students must submit their presentation proposals no later than April 1 online. In conjunction with this event, the UV Mentors are hosting a 5k run on the Provo River Trail along Utah Lake, Saturday, April 13, 9:00am.

To take part in either event, visit