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“How to Get Your Child to Practice… Without Resorting to Violence!!”

By Cynthia Richards


Summary: Drawing on years of experience teaching her eight children (and many others) to play instruments, classically-trained violinist Cynthia Richards presents a practical book on how to encourage children to develop musically.


Richards considers music a component of a “complete life.” Nevertheless, she argues that young children will tend to quit learning an instrument when it becomes too difficult. She says that young children do not have the ability to understand the decision to quit. According to Richards, one of the mistakes parents make is allowing children to give up on an instrument too soon.


In her book, Richards explores several challenges parents may face in helping their children to learn a musical instrument. Some of these include unfavorable practice environments, sibling rivalry and feelings of competition with the parent. Richards then goes on to discuss ways to overcome these challenges. Some of her solutions include practicing with a child daily, establishing family rules regarding practicing and showing enjoyment for the child’s music.


Richards helped her children and students progress musically and now offers practical advice for parents seeking to do the same.


By Sierra Wilson

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