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Survey shows sexual misconduct more common than Clery Report suggests

According to this year’s Campus Climate Survey, 82 of those who completed the survey, or 17 percent, reported experiencing sexual misconduct on campus. Of the more than 600 survey respondents, 121 — including the 82 previously mentioned — reported experiencing sexual misconduct since attending UVU. Sexual misconduct is an umbrella term for a variety of sexual violations that includes catcalling, stalking, inappropriate comments or gestures, sexual assault and rape. The survey results show that the most common type of violation is verbal misconduct, with women disproportionately experiencing all types of sexual misconduct on and off campus. Of those who...

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Police Reports

Found Wallet Sept. 26 — 7:52 a.m. While on a traffic stop, an officer was approached by a personcitizen who wanted to turn in a found wallet. The officer discovered an ID card in the wallet and attempted to contact the owner. Nothing further to report.   Unlocked Gate Sept. 26 — 11:23 p.m. While on patrol around the Facilities Complex, an officer noticed a gate was unlocked and ajar. The officer secured the gate and cleared the scene.   Wanna-be Prankster Sept. 27 — 1:23 p.m. An officer was called by a student who wanted to know if...

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