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Students support environment by helping refugees

UVU LDS students clean up the environment with the help of Stitching Hearts Worldwide by turning plastic bags into sleeping mats. This project has been going on since the beginning of January every Tuesday from 7 to 9 p.m. in the Institute Building, with the final day being April 17. “It’s not only helping refugees, but our environment. You can’t recycle [plastic bags], they just get torn up in the machines,” said Tyler Harper, a geomatics major and junior. In a video from Chicago, it shows the destructive aspects that these bags have on equipment; the same goes for...

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How rummaging through trash can help promote sustainability

UVU is now the largest university in the state of Utah. With that title comes the opportunity to be the leaders in the fight for sustainability. Helping to lead the way is Scott Williams, professor over outdoor recreation management. As a project, Williams organized a trash audit at Northridge Elementary school to assess how much of their lunch time trash is actually trash. Williams and his student volunteers manned stations with large bins that would hold various recyclable items such as: untouched or touched fruits and vegetables, milk, milk cartons, plastic containers, plastic bags, uneaten food (bread, meat etc.),...

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