Tips for finding student housing 

Reading Time: 2 minutes Student housing can be difficult to navigate, but these tips will make finding your new home just a bit easier.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

At about this time in the semester, students should be finding housing for the Fall 2024 semester, especially if they want first pick. But finding a place to stay for at least a semester is not always easy, especially in Utah. Here are four tips and approaches that might help the average UVU student find a place they love. 

Have a “must have,” “want,” and “will not” list 

Knowing what you want in an apartment is a good first step. Have a list of things that you must have in an apartment, a list of things that you want, and a list of things you will not have in an apartment. For example, some students may want good roommates, but having a kitchen is a necessity.  The “want” part of your list can be swayed by price, location, and quality of the apartment. If the apartment is newly renovated with lots of natural lighting, some students may be able to move past a want, like a pool. 

Use Facebook and KSL 

Facebook Marketplace, Facebook housing groups, and private KSL listings are often a great option for students, as they can find people who are interested in sharing an apartment or a room, not just renting out an entire apartment. KSL often attracts people who are leasing out their basement or condo to students. Facebook housing groups allow students to post an “in search of” (ISO) post, where they post their desires for housing, and someone responds who knows of specific apartments available that meet their needs. People responding to ISOs are often trying to sell their lease. 

Ask your friends 

Having an open dialogue with friends and acquaintances can allow students to locate housing that has been successful for others. If students receive recommendations for a place, getting on that complex’s waitlist can be an effective way to grab a spot for the upcoming semester. Visiting friends at their apartment can also help to get a feel for the complex. 

Attend housing fairs 

UVU hosts a student housing fair every semester to prepare students for the next semester. These options are funded by UVU, and are very close to UVU, but that can mean these options are more expensive because they are so accessible from campus. These housing fairs also focus on single people willing to share a space, with options for private rooms and shared rooms. BYU and other city services also occasionally offer housing fairs, often between the months of January and March. 

Finding student housing does not have to be difficult, but it can take some initiative and patience before finding the right place. Using these tips can make a house hunt successful.