UVU Chamber Orchestra shines with Britten’s Serenade

Reading Time: < 1 minute UVU’s Chamber Orchestra brilliantly displayed powerful and emotional movements, encouraging a beautiful close to the semester.

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Unlike most of the other orchestral performances this semester, the UVU Chamber Orchestra performance of Britten’s Serenade for Tenor, Horn, and Strings occurred in the Nu Skin Recital Hall, a small room that houses up to 125 people. This provided a more intimate connection, especially since there were only a dozen orchestra members, not including the soloists and the conductor. 

At first, the viola, cello, and bass players were given their moment to shine in the first two pieces. Then, the violin players joined them for a rendition of “Paint It, Black” by The Rolling Stones, and the main piece, Britten’s Serenade. Before they played, the story behind all the movements was explained, giving a deeper meaning to the music. The story included multiple poems separated into different movements, leaving it to the audience to interpret the meaning. 

During Britten’s Serenade, impressive horn player Anita Miller and accomplished tenor Joshua Lindsay joined the orchestra. All eyes were on them due to how moving they were with the orchestra. There was an obvious story to be told, and the orchestra was able to nicely bring it to life.  

The UVU Music Department will return once more on Apr. 19 for the works of Gustav Mahler. Tickets are available at uvu.edu/thenoorda.