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A case for resolutions

  In an oft-referenced survey, researchers at the University of Scranton stated that just eight percent of adults in the United States keep their New Year’s resolutions. The survey was published in 2013 but still maintains prominence in articles written to discourage people from making resolutions. The articles, with headlines like “Why New Year’s Resolutions Are Bad For You”, “New Year’s Resolutions Are The Worst” and “Resolve To Make Zero New Year’s Resolutions This Year”, reference the eight percent — often as a deterrent — with a reminder that although one might make resolutions, “what’s the point if you...

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The #MeToo movement loses original focus

  Outing sexual predators overshadows support for survivors With Hollywood’s award season now underway, the #MeToo movement is seeing  support from  celebrities through their dress codes and conversations at the award shows. At its beginnings over a decade ago, the movement had good intentions, but questions are now being raised on if it has now become a different entity with a different focus from supporting survivors. Created in 2006 by Tarana Burke, a civil rights activist, , the movement began as a support system for survivors through letting them know they were not alone. The movement then went viral...

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