New student council coming in next year: What to expect 

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The UVU student council (UVUSA) took time in their last meeting of the year on Thursday, April 18 to focus on next year’s council members.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

UVU students can expect to see some new faces on the student council this upcoming year. On Thursday, April 18, the council unanimously ratified next year’s council. 

Newly elected Student Body President Mimi Barney discussed the process of selecting the new council members. “We had a large applicant pool, a lot of different people that came and applied, a lot of different personalities; it made it [really] hard at the end of the day to be able to narrow down who we wanted.” A list of next year’s student council members is as follows.  

Mimi Barney   Student Body President 
Ian Gotcher   VP of Academics 
Ava Gonzalez   VP of Connection 
Kyle Cullimore   VP of Activities 
Macy Robbins   Exec. Asst. 
Alex Stewart   Event Chair 
Aspen Allred   Event Chair 
Fran Calderon-Mora   Event Chair 
Grace Christensen   Event Chair 
Brady Crane   Event Chair 
Nicole Bigler   Event Chair 
Julio Morales   Asst. to Activities VP 
Katherine Solorzano   Inclusion Co-Chair 
Victor Bueno   Inclusion Co-Chair 
Chloe Kuck   Civic Engagement Chair 
Naomi Wilden   Asst. to Connection VP 
Emma Bauman   Senator Engineering and Tech 
Liam Theiss   Senator for Health and Public Service 
Migual Mayorga   Senator for Humanities and Social Sciences 
Kevin Kuehne   Senator for Science 
Brianna Bastian   Senator for the Arts 
Ashleigh Borders   Senator for Education 
Laudy Lindsey   Senator for Business 
Maddi Larsen   Asst. to Academics VP 

Barney plans to focus on inclusivity as UVUSA increases collaboration among different groups: “Everyone’s equal, and everyone works together, at the end of the day we’re all students we’re all trying to have really great experiences inside and outside of the classroom.”  

Next year’s VP of Academics Ian Gotcher is optimistic about next year’s council: “It’s going to be a good year. We are definitely going to want to continue all the good initiatives that this year’s council has done.”  

Brianna Bastian will be coming onto the council next year as senator for the school of the arts. Bastian spoke on what she believes is important going into the new year. “I think something that is important for students to know is just that UVUSA is there for them,” she explained. “The job of UVUSA is to advocate for and be a voice for the students.” She encourages students to participate in different events and speak up if they would like to see any changes. 

The council also discussed Wolverine Fest, which concludes this Saturday, April 20, with a sunset market and sounds. The market and activities will go from 4 – 7:30 p.m. There will be a concert from 4 – 9 p.m., headlining rising musician BRENN. A variety of vendors and food trucks will be there for people to enjoy. Follow the link here for more information.