My Final Letter: From our heart to yours, thank you 

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Editor-In-Chief, Matthew Drachman, leaves his final words of gratitude and appreciation on behalf of The UVU Review for you, the reader, for making 2023-204 another record-breaking year for student media.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

To our loyal readers, and to whom it may concern, 

This letter has been difficult for me to write, as I have so many thoughts and feelings around the reason I am writing to you today. I have battled with myself on how best to express my joy, and sincerest gratitude for all the memories and accomplishments that you, the reader, have allowed not only myself, but my staff to do over these last few years. However, all good things end, and my time at the Review is at its end. Along with a record-breaking number of seniors on our staff, I will be graduating in May with a Bachelor of Science. Though our time has come, I wanted to give you my final report on how your student paper is doing, and as this year ends, I wish to express on behalf of the Review our sincerest thanks for all you have done to support us. 

This last year has been a record year for The Review. During the year, we have nearly doubled the exposure the website has been given. With nearly 2000 people visiting daily. In addition to that, our pick rate has increased as well. Out of a 1500 paper run size, we have a low of 51% picked, and a high of 82%. In addition to these accomplishments, we have covered a wider range of topics this year. We have done reliable coverage on the 2024 election cycle, parking services, the charges against Ruby Franke, student fees, presidential candidates, special guests and speakers, student highlights, and so many more. The Review has expanded its capabilities and clout within not just the Utah Valley, but the state as a whole. 

In previous letters I had mentioned several goals that I had been attempting to implement as Editor-In-Chief. Two of them were to begin a Op/Ed section, and to increase the size of the paper from 8 pages to 12 pages. These are things that I was not able to implement, and you have the right to know why. When I became the Editor-In-Chief two years ago, I wanted to commit to making sure that The Review remained a neutral source of information that students could rely on. In this, the Review made the commitment to never endorsing any candidate for office. In planning for an Op/Ed section, it became clear that an appearance of bias would inevitably spawn due to anything published within it, as had occurred in the past. Because of this, I made decision to kill this proposal. As far as the pages are concerned, printing costs money, and we were not able to bear that strain just yet. Though it should be said that we are on a good path to get there. This is my report. 

Nothing we do here at the Review would be possible without the support of you, the reader. In fact, you have made all the difference not just in this paper, but in the lives of those who have run it. I think back to when I first walked through the doors at The Review as a volunteer reporter, not knowing how I could pay for school, still figuring out exactly what I wanted to do, and how I was going to do it. Now I graduate debt free because of the scholarships The Review offers, I have made and forged relationships with those in my field, and I know exactly what I want to do. You made that possible for me, and you have made that possible for everyone who has worked at The Review. 

Endings are hard to write, especially when you don’t want things to end. I want to say that these last few years serving as your Editor-In-Chief have been some of the most fulfilling, and joyful years of my life thus far. On behalf of the whole Review, thank you for the love and support of our student coverage. Without you, none of it would be possible, and none of it would matter. 

On a personal note, thank you for changing my life forever. This is not goodbye, but until we meet again. As the old song called The Parting Glass goes, “But since it falls unto my lot, That I should rise, and you should not. I gently rise and softly call; Goodnight, and joy be to you all.” 

Thank you for everything, and God Bless You! 

Sincerely, your Editor-In-Chief, 

Matthew V.L. Drachman (2022-2024)