Ethics Forum debates school vouchers

Reading Time: 2 minutes Both advocates and opponents of school vouchers turned out in force for a forum discussion of what has become one of Utah’s most controversial issues, held at UVSC on Oct. 3.More than a hundred people attended the forum, hosted by the Ethics Center, to hear panel members Patrick Byrne, Marilyn Kofford, Paul Mero and Kim Burningham debate over the school voucher program.

Redesigned citizenship test announced

Reading Time: 2 minutes The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced on Sept. 27 a new, redesigned naturalization test. The cost to redesign the current test was $6.5 million.Over the past year, a test pilot consisting of 142 questions was randomly distributed to 10 districts in the country, where 6,000 citizenship applicants volunteered to test the pilot.

Networking conference planned for business women

Reading Time: 2 minutes UVSC will host a networking conference for women entrepreneurs on Friday, Oct., along with the Orem Small Business Development Center, will host the event geared toward helping women who are interested in business meet others like them and to inspire them to develop their business dreams into successful, working plans.

Crossing county lines

Reading Time: 2 minutes As UVSC moves toward its transition to UVU and enrollment numbers rise, transportation and parking may become a serious issue among students and faculty on campus.