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Sabbaticals, quality-focused instruction and shared governance in question by some faculty

Faculty members issued an open letter to university administrators expressing concern about quality education and shared governance, for which, the recent shift in the processing of sabbaticals has raised additional concerns. In total, 60 members of the university faculty endorsed the letter that was issued on Feb. 5. The letter began by calling into question administration support for faculty research and sabbaticals and then transitioned to broader concerns about quality instruction and shared governance. According to UVU policy, “[s]abbatical leave is an opportunity offered to qualified faculty to engage in scholarly and creative activities that will enhance their capacity...

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Opinions matter when they are expressed

Consider pets and how they express their opinions. Dogs, for example, express their opinions by barking or wagging their tails. Cats express theirs when they purr and meow. These animals do not relent until they get attention. We all have opinions, but these opinions matter only when we express them, and we need to keep expressing them until we are heard. Our ability to express our opinions is among the reasons we are at the top of the ladder in the hierarchy of beings. Humans differ from other animals because we express ourselves using language. When Aristotle wrote that...

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