LGBT Student Services host Trivia and Ga(y)me night

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Cards Against Humanity, a card game containing potentially offensive content, was played for the first hour of the event. The game is an ‘adult version’ of the game Apples to Apples, with adult questions and answers. It deals with a variety of explicit scenarios and phrases. Making sure every person feels safe and accepted is an important job of the LGBT Student Services, so if any person found an offensive card during the game, the group would vote to tear the card up and throw it away.

“This is a place to have fun, learn about others, and even learn about ourselves. It is a safe place that is welcoming no matter who you are,” Vic Larson, psychology major, said.

After Cards Against Humanity, students played Queer Trivia. The trivia featured questions such as “name the Fab Five from the show Queer Eye on Netflix,” and “when was the supreme court decision that made gay marriage legal in all 50 states.” While coming up with an answer, music was playing in the background, and to get full points the song title and artist had to be named  as well as the answer to the trivia question.

In addition to hosting game and trivia nights, the LGBT Student Services’ events provide a home for students to express themselves and feel comfortable on campus.

“I like coming to these events because I feel like I can be my authentic self. LGBT student services helps me to not feel alone. The activities are also educational and help me, as a gay man, to be a better ally to others in the LGBTQ+ community,” Conner Leavitt, member of the LGBT Student Services, said.

The climate of the whole event was one of inclusion and acceptance. “I love having a place to hang out with other queer students on campus,” Josh Jacobs, an art and design major, said.

LGBT Student Services strives to create an inclusive environment for every person on campus, regardless of sexual orientation or belief system. The students and staff are all very accommodating and welcoming to any and all who want to join in.



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