Undefeated UVU suffers first loss

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The APX Alarm sponsored UVU lacrosse team played rival BYU at home on Friday, Oct. 23. After eight straight victories, including the Gem State Tournament, UVU suffered its first defeat 16-7. The Wolverines’ record dropped to 8-1 with two tournaments remaining in the season.

According to UVU coach Kevin Perkins, UVU has a team superior to that of BYU. “We stuck with them in the first half,” said Perkins. “We rotated players in the second and that’s where they caught us.”

Perkins considered this to be a learning experience for the players. “Fall ball is considered a practice season,” said Perkins. “It’s a good time to get the team meshing before we step on the field in January.”

According to UVU’s Senior defensive player Ryan Cantwell, their team strengths were in face-offs and defense.

“BYU has a phenomenal offense,” said Cantwell. “They have quick feet.”

Both Perkins and Cantwell credited sophomore Austin Nielsen for dominating face-offs. Other valuable players included Skyler Bentley on defense and Cam Peterson on attack.

With only two of the usual three referees, Cantwell feels that it was a fair game. “It was pretty good for a fall scrimmage,” Cantwell said of the referees. “We were down one ref and the remaining two missed a few calls but it was a pretty fair game.”

Goalie Justin Thompson stated that the confidence level of the BYU players heavily aided in their victory. “We knew we could keep up, and did,” said Thomson, a sophomore at UVU. According to Thompson, UVU players lost spirit in the second half, and BYU took advantage. Thompson claimed that the teams were well matched but that UVU could have better prepared mentally. “Physically,” said Thomson, “we are prepared for every game.”

The Wolverines will travel to Las Vegas for their final tournament on Nov. 7.