A new leader of UVU has been chosen: Mr. UVU 2015

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Tiffany Frandsen | Deputy Managing Editor | @tiffany_mf


On Jan. 28, a competition for Mr. UVU 2015 was held and it has been decided: Joey Whitaker has taken the thrown.


Mike Jones won Runner Up #1 and Dan Scoma won Runner #2. The titles of Mr. Congeniality and Crowd Favorite were awarded as well, Mr. Congeniality going to Austin Seager, and Crowd Favorite to Zack Dearing.

Tyler Brklacich, UVUSA president and former Mr. UVU (2012) and his first lady, Katie Desantis emceed and told pun-filled jokes (“Did you know that protons have mass? I didn’t even know they were Catholic!”)

Photo Jan 28, 8 09 29 PM

Student Senate Coordinator Todd Olsen, Assistant to the Dean of the College of Technology and Computing Jen Clegg, Dean of students Alexis Palmer and current Miss UVU Madison Tormey were all moonlighting as judges for the competition.

They scored competitors based on swimsuit, talent, evening wear, and an on-stage interview. This year, the competition was Peter Pan’s Lost Boys-themed, and a lot of the talents and swimsuits revolved around the song, “I Won’t Grow Up,” pirates and Neverland. The contestants performed a hip hop version of “I Won’t Grow Up.”




Dan Scoma army-scooted on stage, his legs trapped together by the merman tail he wore. After struggling a bit, two men picked him up with a dolly and wheeled him across the stage. Alek Clubb wore and (at one point, started to not wear as he pulled the shoulders down around his waist) a stretchy red 1930s’-esque suit. Chase Reaveley and Mike Jones both went as scuba divers. Whitaker, a pirate, donned an eye patch, a tattered vest and a plastic sword. Dearing, as a lifeguard, blew his whistle at two guys who attempted to (unsafely!) run across the stage.


Clubb booty-danced a Butt Medley to shame Miley Cyrus, and at one point, drummed on the derrieres of his supporting booty-dancers.

Taylor Wilson started out lip-syncing to “I Won’t Grow Up,” but that quickly transitioned into an upbeat dance to Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk.” Seager did some impressive flipping and throwing of his female partner, but it was completely appropriate, as he was swing-dancing. Scoma, wearing a tutu, tights and a white leotard, paid tribute to Taylor Swift and danced to “Shake It Off.”

Whitaker sang “Beauty School Dropout” to his pal Jensen Astle (who on Twitter insisted that she did, graduate, thanks).

Photo Jan 28, 8 27 50 PM

Jake Wells went through the history of rap and lip-synced to Iggy Azalea, Will Smith, Macklemore, Eminem, Fergie, MIA, Vanilla Ice and way more. Jones, an introverted Twitter-comedian told jokes. Later, while the judges deliberated, Miss UVU 2015 Madison Tormey performed the Piano Guys hit “Rock Meets Rachmaninoff.”

“You should be at home, watching Netflix. That’s where I wish I was right now,” said Jones.

He lamented about Tinder and the lack of women in his program, pre-engineering.

“I like my women like I like my quantum mechanics – an abstract concept that I think about at night,” said Jones.


Spencer Kersh transformed into Gollum, Ian McKellen, his mother (who he also thanked, for teaching him everything he knows), and John Madden with his voice impressions.


Dearing and his brother Cameron did their own rendition of Jimmy Fallon’s EW video, in which they exclaim “EW!” to just about everything , with the exception of President Holland, who they called “cute.” They slammed neighbor school BY-EW that brought much cheering from the crowd.

On-Stage Interview


Cutest escort was a close competition – Dearing’s dog (going by the moniker Tinkerbell for the night) escorted him. Clubb’s brother, who looked about 5 or 6, escorted him. Spencer Kersh and Austin Seager both wore pajamas (“because that’s what I wear in the evening,” said Kersh.)



















Jakell Larson

The event was put on by the UVUSA, and spearheaded by Jakell Larson.

Mr. UVU Contestants:

Joey Whitaker

Taylor Wilson

Alek Clubb

Chase Reaveley

Austin Seager

Dan Scoma

Jake Wells

Mike Jones

Spencer Kersh

Zack Dearing