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Funding free college raises concerns

Chase Thomas spoke about favoring college education that is free of student debt, and he suggested that funding could be found in existing government budgets. Photo by Lincoln Op’t Hof At the Pizza and Politics session on education that was held in the Ragan Theater on March 13, attendees and panelists voiced concerns about making college free in the U.S., but also discussed the belief that free higher education will be beneficial long term. Participants were especially concerned with where funding for a tuition-free higher education system would come from. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the...

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Candidates present for diversity officer position

Candidates for the Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer presented to students, faculty and staff on March 14 and 15. The candidates include Alicia Chavira-Prado, Yudi Lewis, Daniel Teraguchi and Tommy Stevenson. Chavira-Prado received her doctorate in anthropology at the University of California and became a diversity administrator at Ohio University following a career as a professor of cultural anthropology and Latino studies. UVU’s open admissions practice is what drew her to the position. “What UVU is, in its open admission, is tangible proof that we can and should provide an equitable education to everyone,” Chavira-Prado said. “Diversity is not...

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