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Grassroots: passionate people with community mindset

Having people with the right mindset is fundamental to grassroots movements, according to a Pizza and Politics panel discussion held in the Ragan Theatre on Oct. 10. Panelists spoke about the importance of having an issue-focused movement, and making sure that the effort is not reliant on one person. Sarah Scott, a panel member and community organizer, spoke about “checking your ego” when getting involved in grassroots movements. “A lot of times you get into a movement and you’re like, ‘I’m going to do this, this, this,’ and you can’t control everything,” Scott said. “For a movement to be...

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Former CIA and NSA director critiques President Trump’s presidency

Photo by Gabi Campbell Previous director of the CIA, NSA and retired four-star general, General Michael Hayden shared his criticisms of President Trump and anxieties for the future in the Classroom Building lecture hall Oct. 11. “I do fear we are flying by and may end up in a very dark place,” Hayden said. Hayden shared insights on current events and focused on five tectonic shifts occurring in today’s world. The tectonic shifts included power of states and the nature of power, lack of permanency, the proliferation of nuclears to brittle states, the rise of China and lastly, where does...

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