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German entrepreneur compares Putin and President Trump

Photo by Jonah Hokit Franz Sedelmayer, German entrepreneur and former friend of Vladimir Putin, gives first-hand insights into Putin’s Russia. Sedelmayer addressed students at Center Stage Feb. 8, after being invited by the Globle Engagement office. Sedelmayer recently published his book, Welcome to Putingrad, with John Weisman, where he explores his story working with and against Putin. “When you sit across from Putin, he will try to be like you,” said Sedelmayer. “Putin will try and convince you, ‘you are my friend.’ He can change his colors in a second, I have seen it.” Sedelmayer finds it interesting to...

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Fake news has real consequences

Photos by Michelle Rivas Jennifer Napier-Pearce, editor of The Salt Lake Tribune, taught students and faculty how to combat the term “fake news,” Feb. 5 in the Classroom Building. “The real meaning of fake news [is] false stories presented as facts for financial or political gain,” Napier-Pearce said. “Fake news has real consequences.” Napier-Pearce shared real-life examples of how people react and respond to fake news stories. A notable fake news story shared was that of an active shooter situation in Washington, D.C. A man from South Carolina believed a fake report that a child sex abuse ring was...

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