UVUSA candidates for Vice President of Engagement   

Reading Time: 2 minutes UVUSA elections open March 4 at 8 a.m.; here’s a breakdown of the candidates for Vice President of Engagement.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Clay Duffin  

“I want to make the resources that UVU has as accessible as possible.”   

Clay Duffin is a sophomore majoring in history and social studies education. His goals, according to the candidate breakdown provided by UVU, state that he wishes to prioritize face-to-face interactions with students and student groups. He also wishes to introduce a new system for students so that they will “feel heard and advocated for from student government positions as student government is making choices that directly impact their fellow students.” Duffin’s third goal is to develop innovative approaches to educate students about campus resources and scholarships to increase accessibility. This will be a part of his initiative to empower students to advocate for themselves and to get involved.   

One of the biggest promises Duffin makes is to collaborate with students to create a “third space.” A third space, according to him, is “a location that is neither one’s home nor workplace and provides a space for relaxation or recreation without having to spend money.”  

Duffin states that his qualifications lie in his involvement with different programs across campus, including being a community activist organizer for the Center for Social Impact. For a more detailed breakdown of Duffin’s plans and qualifications, visit the UVUSA website.   

Ava Gonzalez-Molina  

“I want to redefine what inclusion looks like.”   

Ava Gonzalez-Molina is a senior majoring in psychology. Her goals include redefining inclusion at UVU by advocating for a broader understanding beyond traditional categories such as gender, sexuality, and race. She aims to focus on overlooked groups such as veterans, active military students, non-traditional students, and those facing financial struggles. Stating that “Inclusion also is meant to focus on accessibility,” she promises to recognize the students that have lives outside of campus and along those same lines has set a goal to create a scholarship for non-traditional students who can’t reach the usual quota set by UVU and third parties.   

“My plans if elected into office would start with working with admin, staff, and other executive members to make it so professors cannot assign homework during holidays or breaks.”  

Gonzalez-Molina has been a part of UVUSA before, as the UVUSA inclusion chair. She also founded the organization Eliminating the Normalization of Abuse as Cultural-Together (ENACT). For a more detailed breakdown of Gonzalez-Molina’s plans and qualifications, visit the UVUSA website

Simone Goodheart  

“Bring back and give back what UVU has given to me.”  

Simone Goodheart is a senior majoring in elementary education. Her goals, according to the same candidate breakdown, share that she wishes to “renew UVU’s commitment to values Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity.” She wishes to continue the tradition of access to resources for students, and to that same goal, help bring more voices to advocate for on campus. With those resources, Goodheart plans on providing students with the tools to support their right to free speech. She also plans to foster a more cohesive and inclusive campus community.  

“As VP of Engagement, I would like to ensure an expansion of the resources proven to make a positive difference in students’ experiences here on campus.”   

Goodheart states that what sets her apart from other candidates is her history in student involvement with roles such as President of the Progressive Student Alliance and a student admin at LGBTQ+ Student Services. For a more detailed breakdown of Goodheart’s plans and qualifications, visit the UVUSA website.