“We have gotten away from regular order,”; Case Lawrence shares vision for U.S. House

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Review had the exclusive chance to sit down with congressional candidate and former CEO of SkyZone, Case Lawrence; where he discussed his campaign for Utah’s 3rd Congressional District and being an outsider, along with his stances on the country’s debt, education, immigration, public lands, and the state of the race.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Case Lawrence, former CEO of SkyZone and current candidate for Utah’s 3rd Congressional District, had a chance to sit down with The Review to discuss his campaign and share his vision for the U.S. House. 

Video by Hyrum Hatch

As of March 22, there are currently 9 candidates vying to be the Republican candidate for the 3rd District. The seat has become open as current incumbent John Curtis opted to not run for re-election and run for the U.S. Senate. Lawrence initially made an announcement that he would form an exploratory committee, then officially announcing his run for Congress on Jan. 19, 2024. 

“This is my first office I have ever run for,” Lawrence began. “I am at a place in my career and my family where I can do something like this. Second, I am moved and motivated by the dysfunction in our country, especially in Washington D.C. I believe in the nobility of elected office as a way to give back… and I think I bring some skills and experience and perspective that are unique and can make a particular impact in this role, and in Washington D.C.” 

During The Review’s interview, Lawrence covered several topics important to his campaign. One of which was the national debt. Being a businessman, Lawrence expressed his concern over how the perception of debt has changed in recent years among those in power. He said, “We have had an element of national debt going back to the earliest years of our country, but the whole approach to debt was different. It was something to draw upon in unique situations … [now] we are using debt to fund operating costs!” 

“We have gotten away from regular order,” Lawrence continued. “Right now, we are managing by continuing resolution.” 

Lawrence went on to say how the government has forgotten what the original purpose of debt was in being a “qualitative understanding.” He further mentioned how Social Security and Medicare will be running out of money soon, and it will add to the ongoing crisis. He wants to push a balanced budget if he is elected to congress. 

Later in the interview, The Review discussed issues pertaining to education. Lawrence made it clear that he was not in favor of debt forgiveness and thinks that public and private institutions are handing students degrees that will not help them overall. 

“We cannot be going around forgiving debt,” Lawrence asserted. “Let’s be honest, with President Biden, as a bribe to young voters. I think that’s wrong, I think it’s illegal The Supreme Court has said the same.” 

Lawrence also warned of the degrees that students pursue that will never pay off the loans they take to get them. He said, “The price of education has gotten out of control in this country. Institutions of higher education have gone along with that and fed that … Universities at the end of the day are businesses! They need to be run more like a business based on demand and results and outcomes! And what we have is … students chasing degrees that do not lead to jobs!” 

Going along with that, Lawrence worries that education is “the next bubble to burst” when it comes to the price of education. He told The Review about being able to reform some of these policies and encouraging better practices in public and private schools. 

In the discussion, Lawrence also spoke to public lands and the importance of preventing the abuse of the antiquities act, how impeachment is being abused in the country, along with the state of the Republican party, and the importance of solving immigration. In the end of the conversation, Case Lawrence stressed why he was the best candidate to win in November. 

“I like to look at it as we are auditioning for this role. Rather than running against each other, we are all audition for this open seat,” Lawrence proposed. “I think there are a lot of good people in this race … It really comes down to, is what does this district need in this role at this time. I am holding myself out there saying that I think we need to have an option here of someone who has been in the private sector and is an outsider.” 

To find out more about Case Lawrence, visit his campaign website. To watch the full interview, check out the UVU Review YouTube Channel, and listen to the podcast on Spotify

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