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A wide range of generational and situational factors affect poverty

Mental illness and poverty have a close relationship Organizers and attendees of the Real Talk session on poverty clarified the definition of poverty and discussed the various factors that cause poverty and how life circumstances affect how people perceive poverty. A significant part of the discussion focused on the difference between generational and situational poverty, and some attendees shared personal stories about their experiences with each category. The discussion group defined situational poverty as the type of poverty that results from an event. The events that cause people to fall into poverty are usually unexpected. There are many life events that can result in situational poverty, according to the discussion group. Loss of a job, sudden medical expenses or even lengthy and costly treatments such as those for cancer can cause people to fall into poverty. Greg Brooks, an anthropology sophomore, spoke about how, in part resulting from medical expenses within his family, his father chose to leave college and join the military to help provided financial security and insurance. Even after joining the military, the financial situation was tight because of the low entry-level enlisted pay, according to Brooks. The group also talked about generational poverty, which is the type of poverty that people are born into and raised in. Group members considered how this type of poverty is often more difficult to escape because of a lack...

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Safety First: UVU faculty and students discuss campus violence, how to prevent it

Photo by Michelle Rivas Students and faculty members discussed campus violence prevention as part of the Diversity Dialogue discussion series organized by the Multicultural Student Council Feb. 8. The series serves to provide a safe space to explore solutions to prevalent issues, including the prevention of assault, potential obstacles when reporting violence and to help victims find resources. “Even though UVU is a pretty safe campus, there are still incidents where students are assaulted,” said Jordan Nelson, an engineering and design technology student. “Ensuring that students are safe is so important. These discussions are important because we talk about...

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