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Student Voice session shows opposing viewpoints for GE

Ethan Johnson asked the panelist about the Re-Envisioning the Undergraduate Experience process and mentioned a sense of community that can come from the shared knowledge that general education provides. Photo by Lincoln Op’t Hof Committee will face task of balancing professional focus with broad liberal arts focus   Students raised several questions about the process of re-envisioning the undergraduate experience at the Student Voice forum March 1, in the Sorensen Center. General education, a significant part of the undergraduate experience, was a recurring topic of the event, with the discussion focusing on potential changes to the curriculum and illustrated...

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Mental Health Services struggles to meet demand for individual counseling

UVU’s Mental Health department continues to expand its services to meet the needs of the growing student body; however, some students are not getting the individual help they need due to increasing waitlists. “For a while now, I’ve been experiencing difficulties from emotional issues [and] anxiety and depression to a point where I felt I had expended my options of coping with it. I decided I needed help from the UVU health center at the beginning of the semester,” according to a student who preferred to remain anonymous. She and other students have expressed concerns that they can’t meet...

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