Romney checks out, McCain eligible?

Super Tuesday proved to show frontrunners in the presidential race for both the democratic and republican candidates. Following the big voting day, candidates’ likelihood of winning their party’s nominations was heavily weighed.

UVU’s list of bachelors grows with the addition of dental hygiene

UVSC has grown substantially in the past few years, having added 5 new bachelor degree programs for Fall 2006 and another 5 for Fall 2007. In keeping with this tradition of growth, it has recently been announced that UVSC has confirmed that a new degree will be offered to its more than 23,000 students. On 28 January 2008, The Utah State Board of Regents approved a four year Bachelor Degree in dental hygiene.

Local temple president honors Hinckley

At his devotional speech on February 1, the President of the Provo Temple, President Merrill J. Bateman, gave a tribute to President Gordon B. Hinckley for his work with temples around the world. Because of Hinckley, millions of people around the world have access to a temple, and temple work is being done in at least thirty-five languages.

American values get thumb screw treatment, ex-general says

Though the United States military may control much ground in Afghanistan and Iraq, the moral high ground, on which the federal government has historically based its use of military force, has been irretrievably lost due to the admitted use of torture in prisoner interrogations, according to a former U.S. military interrogator.

“My Last State of the College”

The annual state of the college address was held this past Wednesday for faculty, students and community members to hear remarks from President Bill Sederburg on the accomplishments of the last year and the future facing the school.