2008 Graduate School Fair

October 27, 2008

Reading Time: 2 minutes After last year’s success, UVU will be hosting a Graduate School Fair, to be held in the Grande Ballroom in the Student Center. The fair begins Thursday, Oct. 30 at 10 a.m. and will continue until 3 p.m. The Graduate School Fair provides an opportunity for students to prepare now for their future educational goals.

Ms. Congeniality McCain’s story time

September 29, 2008

Reading Time: 2 minutes The first presidential debate of the election season was full of dodged questions, both subtle and overt accusations, and many stories. Early on, Sen. McCain resembled his running mate Gov. Palin by dodging and fumbling in his responses to questions. McCain’s reliance on planned and panned umbrella answers became nauseating to watch.

Know me, because I know celebrities

September 22, 2008

Reading Time: 2 minutes There are too many thriving off the thrills of anything attached, no matter how loosely, to celebrities. I know too many people who know someone who knew a kid who dated someone famous. When some hear that I attended the nearby Pleasant Grove High School, their eyes are usually filled with a look of reminiscence, and they ask, “Do you know that kid who won Survivor, Todd Herzog?” The answer is no; I do not know him.

Welcome to UVU

August 24, 2008

Reading Time: < 1 minute Welcome, fellow students. It is a remarkable time to be at UVU – during the transition from college to university. This newspaper underwent its own change this summer – from The College Times to UVU Review.