Jack Waters

Reyes set to be the glue of campus

Kyle Reyes has accepted the position as Director of Student Success and Retention. Reyes moves into his new position enthusiastically, though with tongue-in-cheek analysis he says, “My job really shouldn’t exist.” His reasoning is that every office around campus does a fine job specializing in its particular facet; each office supporting every aspect along each student’s educational pathway.

University key passed to Pres. Holland

Pres. Matthew Holland was given the ceremonial key to the university last Wednesday as another finishing touch in his transition to his role as president. The key was passed to Holland by Elizabeth Hitch, who served as interim president in place of Pres. Bill Sederburg, who made the decision to move onto his new role as Utah’s Commissioner of Higher Education last summer.

Fuel into the danger zone

Hill Air Force Base’s F-16 Fighting Falcons command a lot of attention. But even the most grandiose of jets get a little dependent when it comes to its missions – whether combat or practice – and that is where U.S. Air Force KC-135 Stratotanker refueling aircrafts come into play.

A year to remember

The first year of schooling at Utah Valley University approaches an end after many ups, downs and everything in between. The transition took a concerted effort on the part of many people, no one person deserving much more credit than another. The reality of university status is upon this institution after all the effort; as much effort will be requisite to carry the university to elite status.

Editorial: UVU Review’s response to the confession

Explanation regarding the missing newspapers and what they were used for. We are a local, non-profit organization working with at-risk youth. Hundreds of newspapers were required to facilitate an activity for our parent conference. We were under the impression that UVU Review was a daily publication.

Toolson gives back to the fan(s)

In a tribute to the fan(s), Ryan Toolson’s season total of 666 points matched the attendance over the season at the games. The 23.8 per game clip is great as far as scoring goes, but wasn’t quite the crowd level that Director of Athletics Mike Jacobsen had hoped for.

Arches: Ultimate advertising opportunity

Arches National Park became the first national park to capitalize on former Pres. Bush’s lame duck loosening of environmental safeguards. They will now hold auctions that will allow advertisers access to the red-rocked tourist destination. Delicate Arch, the longstanding symbol of Utah, stands to be the big-ticket real estate.

Peace and Justice Dialogue: Genocide

Each spring, Peace and Justice Studies hosts a conference on a timely and important topic. Last year’s conference, discussing the topic of nuclear weapons, drew more than 1,200 attendees. This year’s dialogue will discuss genocide prevention. Four of the world’s foremost genocide scholars will come to campus (the schedule can be viewed below; details and biographical information about the speakers included).

Holland appointed new president

The State Board of Regents, Friday selected Dr. Matthew S.
Holland as the 6th president of Utah Valley University (UVU). He is an
associate professor of Political Science at Brigham Young University.
Dr. Holland will assume his duties July 1, 2009. He succeeds President
William Sederburg, who was named Commissioner of Higher Education in
August 2008.

Exiled to the indoors

Winter comes bearing gifts of relaxation, snow-capped mountains, and a break from the school load. But, it also brings the type of chilling weather that exiles one to the indoors. These are days in which sleet defaces the slopes at the resort, when the roads become crystallized with ice — and it is realized that the closet is sans suitable warm clothing.