The Review

Independent Student Voice of UVU


July 2020

Author: Jack Waters

Finish it! Infinite Jest

INFINATE JEST is enormous in many regards. THE INTIMIDATION FACTORS: Its sheer girth — it’s nearly the size of a phone book, and thicker than ….

Catcher In The Rye

Calculated answers given to the posed question, “Have you ever read J.D. Salinger’s CATCHER IN THE RYE?” in chronological order. 1.In Junior High: “Is that ….

Wilson Sorenson, second president of UVU, passes away at 92

[note of print publication to readers of this story — due to publication deadlines, the Wilson Sorenson announcement and tribute will be featured in the first issue of the fall semester, on stands Aug. 24]

Wilson Sorenson, former president of UVU, has passed away at 92, a few days before his 93rd birthday.

Choose the used

There’s something perfectly pungent about a used bookstore. That combination of dust, history and shelves has a sort of aroma bordering aphrodisiac. Some books carry a few generation’s worth of acid-free paper, carbon-dating the literacy of former owners only according to a body’s natural oils mixed with the subtle impressions of many fingers swabbed by the tongue to turn page corners.

Whistling in the new age

A whistle gathered the athletics department staff for the announcement years in the making – that of the notification from NCAA officials informing UVU Director of Athletics Mike Jacobsen of the unanimous approval to lift UVU from provisional status to full-fledged membership.

East coast pizzeria offers Utah Valley a slice of fresh air

Boston stares away from Orem at a roughly 2500 miles. Italy, much farther. Luckily, a man named Nicola DellaCioppa Jr. has transplanted a little slice of both to the happy confines of the Orem/Provo area. That slice, (offering slices) is Nicolitalia Pizzeria, which provides – per its tagline – “Homemade Boston Italian Style” pizza.