A Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

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Dear UVU, 

Ten years ago, when I first made the decision to come to, then UVSC, I could not have anticipated the road I would take to get to where I am today. After stepping away from school in 2004 to take care of my dying mother and raise my daughter, I did not anticipate ever coming back, let alone ever graduating. It just seemed so impossible.


Four years, the loss of my mother and one more daughter later, however, I felt the need to return. It was a drive I could not shake. And so, in the fall of 2008 and eight months pregnant I began pursuing my education with a determination as big as the task at hand.


Semester after semester I worked, studied and pushed forward, until I found myself where I am today, less than a week away from graduation. But I could not have reached this place alone, especially when I found myself continuing my scholastic journey as a
single mother in 2010.


Without the continual patience and prayers of my three little ladies, I would not, could not, have completed my degree. But it was for these very babes that I worked so hard, all for the hope that I could offer them a better life.


With the support of my children, the support of this very school, and especially the UVU Review, I pulled through somehow. And from the time I became a part of the staff in the fall of 2009 to today, the UVU Review has been a sort of pseudo family, keeping me company, laughing with me, sharing the good times and the bad, keeping me sane.


It was while working with the UVU Review that I had the opportunity to associate with the wonderful programs, organizations and people on this campus. And though some stories have been difficult to cover, there were always many more stories that showed the good in people. And just as we have received criticism, we have also been afforded the praise that I firmly believe those associated with the UVU Review deserve.


It has been such a great honor for me to work with the staff of the UVU Review.


I also feel privileged to be called a Wolverine. I take great pride in this school and what it has done for me and countless other students. It has offered me a second chance, a way to give my children a life they are worthy of.


It’s been a long journey. And despite discouragements along the way, I will always cherish my time here.


UVU, thank you for taking care of me.


With love,

Andrea Whatcott

Editor-in-Chief 2011-2012

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