Track season underway despite weather

With the absurd levels of snow outside, and plummeting temperatures, the first thing that comes to mind would not be track and field.

With the absurd levels of snow outside, and plummeting temperatures, the first thing that comes to mind would not be track and field.

In an environment perhaps better suited for ice hockey and competitive ice fishing, the 2008 track and field season has started this year in chilling fashion.

Indoor meets are scheduled for the first half of the season, obviously, to eliminate the need of running with a parka on, and the second half of the season will be held outdoors.

While the team is still relatively new, the Wolverine’s have some big meets scheduled this year, visiting schools like UCLA, Boise State and Arizona State.

No big deal for the Wolverines.

Having faced teams such as Notre Dame, Oregon, and Michigan in the past, as well as many other teams with solid athletic programs, intimidation by larger schools is no longer an issue.

The first of those meets, at BYU last week, was a competitive showing with a few stars of the Utah Valley team shinning brightly, causing a few school records to fall.

Sophomore Ashley Timo led the Wolverines, toppling a school record in long-jump with a 5-foot, 6 1/40-inchj ump, also netting her the first place finish in the same event.

Freshman Chelsea Baker toppled a freshman record in her 300-meter dash with a time of 42:09 on her first official collegiate level run.

Coach Scott Houle has been with the program since its infancy, and talks with great anticipation about the upcoming season.

"Well, obviously we’re still looking for the progression of our competitive levels," Houle said. "Each year our kids have gotten better as well as the program getting better and better.
"We are taking big steps forward, and we expect nothing less than that. We have been able to bring in a lot of talented males and females. This is the first year we are starting to get missionary’s back in shape and that is huge. "

While some would say the constant walking done by LDS missionaries in foreign countries could do nothing but breed thoroughbred stallions for the track team, the truth is that foreign meals of straight rice and beans do nothing but make a horse more suitable for the glue factory than the Kentucky Derby.

Still, for the men, Houle has high hopes.

"Danny Moody in the distance had a really good 3000-meter run, but we are looking for Brent Fogt and Jordan Pope, as sprinters to really come forward this year," Houle said. "They have the ability now, coming off their missions, they are starting to get back in shape."

The Wolverines will be in Idaho for their next two meets before returning to the state for a meet in Ogden Feb. 23.

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