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Bill Parcells has his man, no surprise he went to Dallas to find the Miami Dolphins fifth coach in as many years. The Dolphins hired Tony Sparano as their next head coach. Sparano takes over for the fired Cam Cameron after Cameron went 1-15 last season. Sparano and Miami agreed to a four-year contract worth over $2.5 million per year.

It will be Sparano’s first time as a head coach. When Parcells was head coach of the Dallas Cowboys he hired Sparano in as an assistant coach. Sparano also worked for Cleveland, Washington and Jacksonville. He also interviewed for head coaching jobs in Atlanta and Baltimore.


Problems seem to follow some people even when they try to avoid them. Randy Moss went to New England hoping to avoid being a distraction like he was in Minnesota and Oakland. Until last week he had been able to do that. Now he’s in the middle of an allegation of domestic abuse. Moss denies the allegations by Rachelle Washington. A temporary restraining order was issued against Moss, but in front of reporters and cameramen he said she just wants money from him.


Baseball and steroids continue to be a hot topic since the release of the Mitchell report. Under fire now, besides Roger Clemens, is Miguel Tejada. Congress asked the Justice department to do an investigation to see if Tejada lied in 2005 in front of a House committee staff when he was interviewed.

Tejada said then he never used any performance-enhancing substance and he didn’t know anyone who did. Tejada was traded to the Houston Astros this offseason. The Mitchell report connected Tejada to steroids after former Oakland Athletics teammate Adam Piatt said he discussed using steroids with Tejada. It also had copies of checks allegedly written by Tejada to Piatt in March 2003.