The Challenge of Dating for UVU Track & Field

Gabi Campbell, Photo Editor, @gabicampbellphotos

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Men’s and women’s track & field athletes share thoughts on inter-team dating

Gabi Campbell, Photo Editor, @gabicampbellphotos
Gabi Campbell, Photo Editor, @gabicampbellphotos

Tim Castaneda, Sports Writer, @xTIMBOxSLICEx

In today’s day and age dating can be a real challenge. Relationships require many things from individuals such as time, emotion, and energy. For most students, it becomes more of a challenge when adding homework and classes.

For some members of the UVU track & field team, adding collegiate athletics to the mix makes dating even more challenging for a variety of reasons. With so much to do as student-athletes one wonders if dating is possible among team-members or as an athlete in general. Here are some answers.

One athlete on the women’s track & field team offered her opinion on the experience of trying to balance dating with such a busy schedule.

“I’m in a relationship right now. I’m taking a lot of credits right now, then with track it’s hard to make that time. And we both work,” she said. “So we just try to figure out each other’s schedule and work around it.”

She also looks to some of her teammates as examples of success in combining relationships with track & field.

“There are a few people on our team that are married,” she added. “I know there’s a couple that both do track and they’re married. So they make it work.”

Another women’s track & field teammate weighed in on how dating amongst teammates could negatively affect team atmosphere in her sport.

“I feel like, especially if you do the same events, if you were in a fight outside of practice it would affect how you were together as a team at practice,” said this UVU women’s track & field athlete.

On the other hand, this same athlete mentioned how she sees current teammates making a relationship work while currently on the men’s and women’s track & field teams.

“They’re cute together and they don’t do the same event,” she added. “When they have team meetings and stuff, they don’t sit with each other. When they’re at practice they don’t run next to each other. So I think that’s good. If I were in a relationship with somebody (on the team) that’s how I would want it to be like.”

One member of the men’s track & field team shared the reason why dating in a team setting within the sport takes a back seat.

“When you’re more focused toward the sport, I think that’s what it should remain as. You don’t have time for (dating). Nobody’s got time for that,” he said. “Once you’re out doing something, you should put your whole heart toward that. You shouldn’t have any distractions, especially during the season. You know, we’re all just kind of in the mindset that we need to get ready for the spring, and we need to get ready to compete.”

He also discussed how the same focus one needs to devote to a sport is the reason that keeps him from entering into a relationship with anyone on the women’s track & field team and if it could be a possibility.

“In track, it is a known fact that we have the finest women, but unfortunately no,” he said. “I’ve got to focus right now.”

So there we have it, folks. If you ever thought your dating life was challenging, think about how lucky you are to not have to worry about affecting team atmosphere, having little time away from sports and pressure to maintain focused as a NCAA Division I athlete. It may help you find the silver lining in your current, or next, relationship.

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