Too Cocky? | QF Episode 9

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Starting Five

1. Men’s basketball: GCU tomorrow, determines seeding for the WAC tourney

2. Baseball: loss to UVU, scoring struggling, Saint Mary’s this weekend

3. Women’s basketball: Tied for fourth, remaining schedule against GCU and CSUB on the road.

4. Wrestling:

5. LAX DUDE: Preston Burbidge

Big Four
6. Nevada vs USU freakout: should court storming be a thing?

7. Utah State Basketball, MWC REGULAR SEASON champions

8. Kyle Whittingham signs extension until 2023

9. BYU Basketball end of season review

Final Stretch

10. College Basketball Bracketology: Concerns for Duke? Does Virginia have the chops? Is Gonzaga a clear favorite?

Overtime: Real sports you have never heard of!

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Host: Andrew Creer
Co Host: Tanner Heath
Production, Editing, and Mixing by: Ethan Young
Logos Designed By: Thomas Willis
(Original Air Date: 03/10/19)