Gone Dancin’ | QF S3 Ep7

  1. News and Notes: Bridger and Nathan run through all of the news coming out of Wolverine country. Women’s basketball loses to No. 1 Stanford in their first-ever NCAA Tournament appearance and the NCAA is called out for providing unequal weight rooms for the women’s tournament.
  2. Women’s Basketball: Senior staff writer Nathan Jackson (@NathanJ131) joins the show to recap the women’s basketball loss to Stanford in March Madness, and recaps what was a historical season for the Wolverines.
  3. What’s Next: Bridger and Nathan look ahead to women’s soccer matches with Seattle U and the WAC women’s volleyball tournament next week.

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Hosts: Bridger Beal-Cvetko (@BealBridger) and Nathan Farmer (@ylf__)
Editing and Mixing by: Ethan Young
Music by: Ethan Young
Designed by: Ysabel Berger
Original Air Date: 03/27/2021

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