A letter from the Editor-in-Chief: Welcome home

Reading Time: 2 minutes Since taking up this position, I have vowed to make sure that the Review’s mission will always be the pursuit of truth wherever it may take us. Going into my second year as Editor-in-Chief, that will continue more than ever before.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

To our loyal readers, and to all whom it may concern, 

It seems like a short time ago I began writing a similar letter welcoming you back from a long summer to a new semester here at UVU. Throughout the past year serving as Editor-In-Chief, I have found out just how fast times seems to fly. As a senior, I have seen the student body evolve so much in just four years, I have had friends come and go, and I have watched myself change for the better. Whether you are a returning student, or a freshman that is beginning their own journey here at UVU, I am glad that you have found yourself here. So let me be the first to say, welcome home. 

UVU is a place where students from all walks of life can get together and find a place to thrive. No matter where you are from, what your interests are, or where you are going, all can find opportunities to grow here at UVU. As a senior reaching the end of a chapter, I can tell that UVU has helped grow in so many ways, and I implore you all to make use of this time to find yourselves. 

At the UVU Review, our mission has stood to provide fair, balanced, and high-quality reporting to all who call themselves Wolverines, and to the reading masses as a whole. As the Editor-In-Chief, I promise to continue my pledge to inform and serve. I have always seen the role of a newspaper to leave a written record of events so that not only can people be informed, but the generations that will come after will have something to point to for reference. To you, the reader, I promise to continue to provide you with news that you can read with confidence. News that is fair, balanced, and accurate. 

In an age that has often seen attacks against reporters for being biased and riddled with hidden agendas, The Review hopes to provide its readers with reporting that they can trust. Whether you are a new or returning reader, I hope that when you seek to find out about the campus’s daily happenings, or coverage of national events you can turn to the Review with confidence. 

You will notice a few changes in the paper this year. In terms of layout most things have stayed the same, however we have re-arranged the order of the sections and made the front page more of a general page instead of being entirely dedicated to one section. This was made to add to the quality of the paper as well as to more effectively use our space. We are planning on more changes as the year progresses, along with the promoses I made to you previously

The Truth is something that is worth pursuing. Last year The Review broke stories about racial discrimination in BYU housing, outside groups influencing UVUSA elections, campus crime reports, a U.S. Senate debate, and the visit of Vice President Mike Pence. With the dawn of a new school year, The Review will continue to pursue the truth wherever it takes us with the highest standard of journalism. To all who would seek to conceal or defile that sacred principle, The Review will never be intimidated into submission, and we will hold them accountable. That is a promise. 

Thank you for your time and support. You are what keeps us running, without you The Review would be nothing but a broadsheet with ink on it, we won’t take that for granted. 


Matthew V.L. Drachman