Students win at international audio engineering competition

Two UVU students recently took first place against university students from around the world with their one-of-a-kind mixing board design at the 125th annual Audio Engineering Society’s Student Grammy Award competition held in San Francisco. The two digital media students, Sean Wolsey of Springville, Utah, and Jeremy Redd of Orem, built a prototype for their built-in microphone amplifier and equalizer circuit-in-one, creating a one-of-a-kind mixing board.

Housing Office: a service for students and community members

The Off-Campus Housing Office, located at Campus Connection in the Student Center, helps students find local housing, helps students list their contract for sell, and also gives information to compare pricing and locations of local student complexes. For the convenience of students, the Housing Office offers three options for students to search for local housing: a website, an information packet and bulletin boards for students and community members to advertise their contracts.

Democratic transitions: a work of generations

The Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova, Nicolae Chirtoaca, gave a speech on the topic “Transition to Democracy” to an audience of 30 students and community members on Monday, Nov. 17. The speech focused on the five biggest challenges a newly formed democracy faces.

Police Beat

Nov. 19 – Attempted Suicide – A 25-year-old male attempted suicide by overdosing on prescription medication. UVU custodial personnel discovered the unconscious male in a restroom in the Liberal Arts building and notified police. The male was transported by ambulance to a local hospital for treatment and is expected to survive.

Christian identity debate

“Christian theology exists to push us into a relationship that we can brought to the truth,” said Michael Minch, associate professor of philosophy. The concept of the Christian identity was debated between Minch and Brian Birch, Director of Religious Studies.

Touchstones runs the angst gamut

His compositions are evocative. The halogen glow of the laptop flickers as J.R. Harper scrolls through cached images of photographs. “Check this one out, I think it’s pretty intense,” he says. A long-haired man, scruffy, unshaven, sits perched on a porcelain throne, sans clothing, mouth agape, taking his next bite of the half-eaten hamburger he clutches in his hand.

Get in the Zone

If you want to learn tips on cooking or maybe need some financial questions answered, you need to visit the Zone on campus. The Student Engaged Learning Zone (the Zone), located inside the Sorensen Student Center west hallway, is an environment where students can participate for free in action learning activities and hobbies each weekday around noon.

News briefs

Campus Briefs: PROFESSOR WINS COVETED AWARD – The UVU Foundation recently presented its 2008 Distinguished Faculty Award to David Heldenbrand, chair of computer science and pre-engineering. The Distinguished Faculty Award is an annual honor first given in 2006.

Culinary Arts Institute wins gold medal and state title

A group of students from UVU’s Culinary Arts Institute recently won a gold medal at the Utah State Junior Hot Food Team Competition. It was the first student team gold medal in UVU history. The competition was sponsored by the Beehive Chefs Chapter of the American Culinary Federation (ACF) and held in conjunction with the Utah Restaurant Association Pro Start Career Fair.

Saving gas by using water?

“Double your gas mileage.” Instead of paying inflated prices for gas at the pump, drivers can do just that by filling up with water, according to the claim made by a very popular website. offers customers a 183-page do-it-yourself manual that gives detailed instructions about how you can turn your car into a “water hybrid.