Staff infection: what is the best thing about going to UVU?

What is the best thing about going to UVU?

The way the library always smells like breakfast. – Emma Hunt, copy chief

Most of the buildings are connected together by hallways. So in the winter you don’t have to walk outside in the cold air. Genius. – Amie Wells, events editor

I may be biased, but my favorite thing about UVU is the student newspaper. – Jessica Burnham, campus editor

The free popcorn. – Trent Bates, photo editor

The people who are part of the campus community. – Lindsey Linge, culture editor

It’s pretty close to BYU, which makes it cool. – Greg Wilcox, web editor

We don’t have to worry about our football team losing to sucky teams from Florida. – Dave Iba, editor-at-large

The men. – Meggie Woodfield, news editor

Being able to read the UVU Review. – Kyle Jellings, managing editor

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