Author: Lilly Van Buren

Motivational speaker brings hope to those in mental darkness

Photo by Collin Cooper   Josie Thompson Soloman, founder of the 444 project, shared her journey through mental illness and the creation of the 444 project in the Grande Ballroom Oct 12. At age 19, Soloman began to feel darkness in her life and was diagnosed with severe depression. Getting out of bed in the morning was undoable. Later, bipolar was added to her diagnose, leaving Soloman feeling embarrassed and hopeless. “It’s as though there is a mental, physical and emotional disconnect. It’s like your brain shuts down,” Soloman said. “The girl who was once high on life, suddenly...

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Women share their story in regards to gender in law enforcement

Photo by Maricel Evangelista A panel of female law enforcement officers discussed their journey, and how it was influenced because of their gender in the Science Building lecture hall Oct 5. Over the last 20 years Erica Smith, Sandy Police K9 unit Officer, has seen the culture in law enforcement change greatly. As women entered into the workforce more and more, the male prejudices of women improved. “There was no place for women in law enforcement and there was a lot a bias back then. But I feel like that has all been overcome,” Smith said. These officers agree that...

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Student strives to empower young people to beat addiction

Illustration by Tyler Carpenter Parker Johnson, a business student and the vice president of marketing for Empower: Slave To None, works with other young entrepreneurs to help young people view addiction in a new way and inspire hope. A world where none are slaves to addiction is the vision of Empower. This organization works through schools to raise awareness of addiction, using tools such as music, video, and face to face interaction.   “We believe in people and their potential. We don’t wait until the problem becomes major to reach out,” Johnson said. “We want people to know that...

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Diversity is celebrated for the United Nations’ International Day of Peace

Photo by Maricel Evangelista The Reflection Center celebrated the International Day of Peace, a day where students of different beliefs and backgrounds come together to discuss how to better demonstrate peace on campus. All are welcome to find, discover and seek your spiritual and ethical identities, Ellie Thompson, Reflection Center coordinator, said. Thompson led the open-house event with games, inspirational activities and diverse food options for all to enjoy. “We must understand that in order to thrive as a school and individuals, we need to be healthy in all aspects, emotionally, physically, and spiritually,” Jasmine Garcia, a freshman in political...

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Wolverine expert visits campus

Rebecca Watters, Executive Director of the Wolverine Foundation and environmental scientist, gave a presentation as part of the Honors Program lectures Sept. 11. “The Science of the Fearsome (but vulnerable) Wolverine” expands on the characteristics and life of a wolverine, just in time for Homecoming week. The Wolverine Foundation is a non-profit foundation formed in 1996. Its purpose is to create interest in wolverines and the role they play in the wildlife community. Watters discovered her love for wildlife while volunteering with the Peace Corp in Mongolia where she later returned to track Wolverines. Watters describes the characteristics of...

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