Campus commits to carbon neutrality

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Photo by Jay Arcansalin

A commitment to decrease the carbon footprint on campus was passed in the Faculty Senate with 32 votes in favor for such, two dissenting votes and one abstention.

Currently, the carbon neutrality action plan achievement date is set in the year of 2050. This plan would include the building of a pedestrian bridge connecting the freeway to lot L14, which is said to be completed by fall of 2019, as well as an increase of students using the UTA for free transit passes as an alternative to driving to campus.

“I would hope that we, as an institution, might take an exemplary role in supporting sustainability,” Faculty Senate president, Craig Thulin said. “UVU is a significant player in the Utah County economy and environment — both the literal environment and community environment. Hopefully, our efforts to be environmentally responsible can inspire others to do the same.”

Faculty will be presenting this resolution at the UVUSA student council meeting this Thursday, March 8, in hopes that the Faculty Senate can get the student body on board to create a plan for the carbon neutrality resolution.

According to the Faculty Senate resolution, the University of Utah, Utah State University, Weber State University and Westminster College have already demonstrated leadership by signing on and committing to carbon neutrality.