New sustainability coordinator arriving Spring 2019

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Photo by Jonah Hokit

UVU administration recently added new elements to the sustainability resolution, including hiring its first full-time sustainability coordinator, beginning spring of 2019.

The sustainability committee is currently comprised of staff and faculty who meet monthly to discuss issues on campus and works with the faculty senate to implement changes. 

“President Holland’s commitment to hiring a full-time sustainability coordinator is a tremendous step, as it will ensure we have a dedicated staff member to assist in developing a plan for carbon neutrality,” Colleen Bye, chair of the sustainability committee, said. “I am incredibly grateful to President Holland for establishing this path, rather than leaving it for the next administration. This move speaks to his integrity and leadership; he will be sorely missed at Utah Valley University.”

On Jan. 23, Faculty Senate passed a commitment to carbon neutrality. With the new resolve from the administration, UVU has committed to be carbon neutral by 2050. 

In order to achieve this goal, the sustainability committee will be revised to include the full-time coordinator, representation from Faculty Senate, the Professional Association of Campus Employees, Student Association and the administration.  

“The future of sustainability look extremely bright at UVU, especially with the resolution announcing the hire of a sustainability coordinator,” McKenna Finch, a senior history major said. “This position will allow for the necessary time and resources to be fully devoted to promoting and increasing campus sustainability.”

The sustainability coordinator is expected to work with the revised committee to add to the carbon neutrality plan and conduct a one-year assessment of UVU’s current carbon footprint. He or she will also determine partnership opportunities with a regional and national sustainability organization. 

“We will need to educate ourselves on developing a sustainability plan,” Lindsey Gerber, the chair of the service and elections committee on the Faculty Senate, said. “As proposed, UVU will need to hire a full-time sustainability coordinator, assess UVU’s current status and form a plan for the future. If we can develop a plan, I believe that UVU can achieve its goal by 2050.”